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            Specialized in lubricant production for over a hundred years, ANKER is the leading manufacturer in lubricant products and market reform pioneer. We are provided with modernized production, bulking and packaging equipments as well as disciplined manpower which combines with the most high-quality raw materials to make us stand in higher position.
            To strengthen oxidative stability, lots of harmful composition is added in traditional chemical product. Anker conducts R&D and use of biological stabilizer in water-borne product early so as to contribute a lot to the green earth.
            Our MQL products contain special additives which can reduce abrasion between small cutter and parts or between cutter and cuttings effectively, there is not oil mist in dispersion, the operation get easy, the environment gets more clean, the cost and dose are reduced and the efficiency is raised.
            We adopt hydrocracking base oil for equipment maintenance to prolong service life of lubricant, keep the equipment more clean, prolong replacement time and service life of the equipment and save maintenance fee.
            The abrasion repair lubrication technology is widely applied in Anker products so as to make the lubricant, composed of low molecular weight solvent, high molecular weight additive and high polymer, to enhance the service life of mechanical equipment and reduce maintenance.