Part lubrication


              Users expect extreme performance from chain oils; they have to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation under adverse environmental conditions, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, e.g.


              Anker offer a comprehensive range of world-class chain lubricants and product support services designed to help you achieve proven performance in your manufacturing environment through:

                                                    Longer chain life

                                                    Optimum chain performance

                                                    Extended maintenance intervals

                                                    Increased productivity

                                                    Decreased maintenance costs

                                                    Lower overall lubricant consumption and waste



        General condition

        Longer chain life and low lubricant consumption save costs. Noise-damping (depending on viscosity).


                                                  Anker All-Purpose Chain Oil


        High temperature

        To prevent cratering and surface disruption.

        To retain fluid-film in ovens and reduce the need for frequent reapplications.

        Excellent wetting and adhesive properties - for fast, thorough penetration to load zones and minimal tendency to drip.Antiwear and extreme pressure characteristics - to significantly extend the useful life of the chain.


                                              Anker Super Synthetic Chain Oil Series


        In stenter frames or for textile transport. The chains are subject to aggressive media and contamination.

        In continuous particle board and laminate presses. Good evaporation stability is key for long lifetime and low oil consumption.


                                             Anker Plus Synthetic Chain Oil Series


        In industrial applications where air temperatures often exceed 280°C, they need the product providing an auto ignition temperature of over 371°C.


                                             Anker Max Synthetic Chain Oil Series