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        • PRODUCT: Anker CIRCU-Bearing series
        • Model: Anker CIRCU-Bearing series
        • Pack Sizes: 20L , 200L
        • Flash Point: 226~258℃ (According to the different viscosity)
        • Pour Point: -10~-11℃ (According to the different viscosity)
        • Appearance: Brown



        • It's applied to sliding bearing lubrication of liquid lubricating system that is seriously polluted by water.
        • It's applied to the lubrication of rolling bearings of large-scale sheet rolling mill and the rolling bearings of rough and intermediate-speed rolling, pre-finish rolling and finishing mill group of high-speed wire rod mill.
        • Its recommended to be used for single-groove and double-groove circulating system.



        • The extreme abrasion resistance property is excellent, and little moisture can be mixed into the oil while running. And oil film can still be formed to maintain heavy-duty and abrasion properties.
        • Viscosity-temperature property that is excellent can still reach normal lubrication in each lubricating position when the bearing temperature changes substantially.
        • The emulsifying property that is outstanding can make intermediate energy separate moisture from oil rapidly.
        • The oxidation stability, cleaning and filterability properties that are excellent can make
        • the oil circuits of lubricating system smooth to ensure a normal lubrication condition.
        • The rust-proof and anti-foaming properties that are excellent can avoid lubricating system having the problems of rust, blocking oil circuits, abrasion and oil-supply shortage. 

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