Product Details
        • PRODUCT: ANKER CIRCU-SYN series
        • Model: ANKER CIRCU-SYN series
        • Pack Sizes: 20L , 200L
        • Flash Point: 238~265℃ (According to the different viscosity)
        • Pour Point: -53~-35℃ (According to the different viscosity)
        • Appearance: Yellow



        • It's mainly used for the oil-circulation and oil-splashing systems under harsh temperature conditions: Drying cylinder bearings in papermaking equipment, Plane bearings or rolling bearings running in thermal and humid environment, and the lubrication on medium-load pressure-reducing transmission gear.
        • Besides, it is also applicable to the gear cases of screw gearing and dismantling-free low gearing.



        • The service life is extended.
        • The viscosity index is high and pour point is low, and it’s available to be used in a wide temperature range.
        • There is no sediment in high-temperature condition, and the oil circuits can be clean, and it has an outstanding oxidation resistance property and excellent thermal endurance properties.
        • The emulsifying property and filtering property are excellent.
        • It's beneficial to start the equipment at a low temperature. 
        • It's mainly applied to high-temperature operation, and the resistance property to high-temperature oxidation is remarkable. 

        Key words : Synthetic Circulating Oils

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