Product Details
        • PRODUCT: ANKER HYD SYN BIO series
        • Model: ANKER HYD SYN BIO series
        • Pack Sizes: 18.9L, 208L
        • Flash Point: 223~238℃ (According to the different viscosity)
        • Pour Point: -45~-43℃ (According to the different viscosity)
        • Appearance: Light yellow



        • Hydraulic system operated, permanently sealed and frequently moved under harsh conditions.
        • Hydraulic systems of gear pump, plunger pump and vane pump that work under high temperature, high speed and high pressure.
        • Hydraulic systems promptly started under a very low temperature.
        • Hydraulic systems whose temperature difference is high, and inconvenient to change oil.
        • Hydraulic systems applicable to use oils which are pollution-free to soil and headwaters.



        • The abrasive resistance properties are excellent that equipment life can be extended greatly.
        • Shear stability is excellent a wide operation temperature zone can be maintained under extreme shear speed.
        • Anti-foaming and air releasing properties are excellent that it can make sure an accurate transmission of power.
        • Hydrolytic stability and emulsion resistance properties that are excellent can prevent ferrous metal rust and corrosion.
        • The low-temperature viscosity properties that are outstanding can make it easy to start under a low temperature.
        • The high-temperature oxidation resistance and heat resistance properties that can excellent can reduce the formation of greasy filth and sediment.
        • Non-poisonous and harmless

        Key words : Synthetic Anti-wear Biodegradable Hydraulic oils

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