lubricant Fluids Knowledge


        The lubricant can realize outstanding heat dissipation in lubricating part. In addition, it is characterized by excellent permeability and moistening capacity. Thus, the lubricant is always applied in high temperature or high speed in general and the typical applications covers gear, hydraulic system, compressor, steam turbine, chain, sliding bearing and others.






        Measure internal abrasion in liquid

        ISO VG

        Rating of lubricant viscosity

        Service temperature

        Temperature scope for the best performance

        Flash point

        Minimum temperature to ignite mixer of steam and air by external ignition

        Condensation point

        Minimum temperature of lubricant oil in free flow

          The lubricant shall be selected on the basis of base oil. Their physical properties and chemical properties are completely different.

         Whether different lubricants can be mixed depends on the type of base oil. This point shall be considered in oil selection.