Grease Knowledge


        The grease is composed of base oil and it is the condensate of base oil under the effect of thicker, thus, the lubricant can be kept in lubricating part to prevent friction and abrasion continually and effectively, seal the lubricating part and avoid them from external influence, such as, water or foreign impurities. The grease is always applied in rolling and sliding bearing, screw, accessories, sealing parts, guide rail, chain and gear.





        Viscosity of base oil

        Speed scope and load capacity to influence the grease

        Dropping point

        If it is beyond the temperature here, the structure of grease will be damaged

        Service temperature

        Temperature scope for the best performance

        DN value

        Maximum speed of rolling bearing when the grease is in use

        Denseness NLGI value

        Rating to measure grease PHR

        Four Ball test

        Confirm wear resistance and maximum load capacity of the grease


         In comparison with the lubricant, the main difference of grease in structure lies in the characteristics of the thickener

        Apart from the mixture capacity of base oil, the compatibility of the thickener shall also be considered.